How Do Truck Drivers Stay Awake For So Long?

Being a truck drive means staying out on the road for hours at a time. Sometimes the miles traveled can be in the middle of rush hour in a major city that creates major stress and anxiety. Other times, a driver can be on the road in the middle of … Read more

Can Truck Drivers Bring Their Family On The Road?

Many truck drivers have questions regarding bringing family members, such as a spouse or child, on the road with them. Are truckers able to bring family along when driving over-the-road? In short, the answer is: most of the time. Different factors do impact the ability to bring riders. There are … Read more

Why Do Truckers Always Honk At Me While Driving?

Having someone honk at your while you are driving can cause many emotions depending on the reason someone blew their horn at you. However, what if it happens and you don’t know why they blew their horn. There could be a very valid reason and it could even be that … Read more

What Are Jake Brakes and How Do You Use Them?

Jake brakes are an important part of a semi-truck that can save its owner a significant amount of money over the life of the truck due by reducing the amount of service needed. In addition, these brakes also provide an additional layer of safety to the driver of the truck. … Read more

Where Do Truckers Wash Clothes While On The Road?

Being a long haul truck driver presents numerous challenges. People who have jobs that allow them to come home every night don’t require the level of planning as truckers for minor day to day activities. One of those items is washing clothes. If you are home every night, you can … Read more

How Do Truck Drivers Use The Bathroom While On The Road?

Being a truck driver is not easy. People that choose trucking as a career will face many challenges that the general population will never encounter. In fact, if you’ve never been on the road as a trucker, odds are you haven’t even thought about some of the challenges they face. … Read more

When Is A Driver Required To Obtain A CDL License?

Driver License CDL

Knowing whether or not you need to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is very important if you are driving a vehicle any larger than a normal car, truck or SUV.  Perhaps, it is because CDL testing was not standardized in the United States until less than 30 years ago, … Read more

How To Account For The Weight Of Diesel Fuel When Scaling


Any driver who has made at least one road trip as the sole responsibility party of a load has seen how important and vast the trip planning process can be. Many times, new drivers assume “trip planning” just means getting from one destination to the next via the most efficient … Read more

The Best GPS Truck Apps to Navigate While On The Road

interstate traffic highway

Navigating the roads in a semi-truck has changed significantly over the past 20 or so years due to the use of GPS technologies. Up to around the middle of 2000, truckers were forced to use road atlases and maps to figure out their routes between each destination. This was incredibility … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Being A Hot Shot Truck Driver

ford f350 hot shot hauler

While running a Class 8 rig and trailer is by far the most common and well-known type of trucking, it is by no means the only one. Hotshot trucking has grown in popularity over the years, filling a need for smaller loads, local runs and expedited transportation. It’s given numerous … Read more