How To Manage Diabetes As A Commercial Truck Driver

Diabetes is, unfortunately, a common health condition faced by many Americans today, and people of all ages, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds deal with this life-altering medical situation.  For diabetic interstate truck drivers, the difficulties of coping with diabetes can be even more demanding than they are for most who deal … Read more

Complete List Of Owner Operator Expenses For Trucking

Whether you are a first time owner operator just starting up or a seasoned veteran who knows his operation inside out, we’ve all heard the adage- preparation is the key to success. The more you can plan for your operating expenses, the smoother things will go and you and your … Read more

16 Reasons New Truck Drivers Quit Within Two Years

In my time in the trucking industry, I’ve seen plenty of new drivers come and go. Some are gone before they ever really gotten on the road. Their reasons for leaving and not liking the trucking life can vary significantly from one person to another. I wanted to put together … Read more

How Do Truck Drivers Use Math While On The Road?

Truckers and mathematics – there is a much closer relationship between the two than you may think.  Truck drivers use math daily in many ways.  This isn’t a requirement that should cause panic, though, for the needed math skills are mostly simple adding and subtracting, estimating, and basic mental math. … Read more

Getting Jury Duty As A Truck Driver – What To Expect

Becoming a long haul or over the road (OTR) truck driver is usually a conscious decision or a requirement to get the needed experience to get a local CDL job. Regardless of the reason, OTR truck driving requires a lifestyle change. Being a long-haul truck driver requires compromises to be … Read more

What Happens If A Truck Misses An Open Weigh Station

There are a lot of question’s out there as to what happens if a truck doesn’t stop at a weigh station. There are a lot of misguided answer’s out there as well. Today I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about them! First things first, if you … Read more

Is It Legal For Truck Drivers Use CBD Oil: Get The Facts

marijuana leaf cbd

CBD Oil is legal… or is it? With all the confusion surrounding the Medical and Recreational Marijuana industries, it can be hard to keep track of what’s legal and what’s not and who can use it legally. You’re obviously here because you found yourself asking “Can truck drivers use CBD … Read more

10 Reasons Why Getting A CDL License Is A Good Idea

It’s human nature to be apprehensive when entering a new career. Whether it’s your first career or it’s a career move that you are considering, it’s important to understand the pro’s and con’s of the decision. Making the decision to become a commercial truck driver is no different. Getting yourself … Read more

10 Ways Truck Drivers Can Stay Entertained On The Road

Truck driving is a great career if you are someone who is looking for stable, high wage employment, and the opportunity to travel. Like many jobs, truck driving entails both excitement and boredom. Although jobs of this sort require a fair amount of awareness and focus at times, there is … Read more