Complete Guide To Using An 18 Speed Transmission

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When you think of driving truck, what is one of the first things that comes to mind? For many of us, it’s shifting gears. When you talk to long time truck drivers, one of the first things you’ll learn is what kind of transmission is in their truck. Make of … Read more

Why Do Truck Drivers Get Fat And How to Stay Healthy

Whether you’ve been driving for several decades or you are on your first solo trip, you’ve realized by now that truck driving is not easy. There are numerous challenges that face drives on a daily basis. Everyday drivers are faced with driving large loads in heavy traffic, meeting tight deadlines, … Read more

The Laws and Fines For Overweight Trucks in Texas

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Texas is the largest state within the continental United States. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that it has the largest paved road system in the USA as well. In fact, it’s estimated that the state has over 700,000 miles of paved lane road. Overweight truck loads are one of … Read more

What Happens If Your Truck Is Overweight?

Once a person gets their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) the are expected to keep track of numerous bits of information about their truck. One of the most important pieces of information they are expected to know at all times is the weight of their truck. Federal and states laws have … Read more

How Manage Depression As A Truck Driver On The Road

For new truck drivers, life on the road catches them off guard. Many times, this is the first time for them to be away from home for extended periods of time. In addition, they find themselves responsible for expensive cargo that has strict deadlines for delivery. All these factors can … Read more

How Do Truck Drivers Get Loads As An Owner Operator

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If you are looking at moving from being employed by a company to becoming your own boss as an Owner/Operator (O/O), then it’s crucial for you to learn how to find your own loads. When you become an O/O, you are starting your own business. The business you are starting … Read more

How To Manage Anxiety As A Truck Driver While On The Road

Anxiety is something that trucker drivers often face. This is especially true for drivers that are just starting out. However, many experienced drivers report having to deal with stress and panic attacks as well. Many drivers fear that if they seek medical attention for their anxiety disorders that the medication … Read more

How Truck Abandonment Will Kill Your Trucking Career

Being a truck driver is far more stressful than people realize. Most of the time inexperienced drivers don’t realize the large responsibility that goes into being a driver. Other times, young drivers don’t take the job seriously and are surprised when they are held accountable for missing deadlines or constant … Read more

Why Do Truck Drivers Leave Their Trucks Idling So Much?

If you’ve ever driven around a truck stop before at night, you most likely saw long rows of semi-trucks parked for the night. If your window was down or you walked inside the truck stop, you probably also noticed a low hum of engines running. If so, you probably asked … Read more

How Do Truck Drivers Watch TV While Out On The Road?

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One of the biggest surprises for new truck drivers is how difficult it can be to live a life on the road. Being away from your family and loved ones is difficult. Add to that the pressure of delivery deadlines and having to fight traffic and it’s no wonder drivers … Read more